As our society becomes ever more digitalized the impact of failing IT infrastructure will increase. The need for strong cybersecurity will increase in relation to the impact of the threats to the IT infrastructure. Experience has shown us again and again that systems are often built with security as a secondary parameter- if at all included. By creating high quality IT security solutions we can help protect your sensitive systems, be it civilian or military.

Protecting your critical systems

Networked systems are inherently vulnerable to attacks.

Air-gapping systems introduce new threats when using USB media to transfer data.

The Hunna USB Sanitation System will mitigate these new attack vectors.

USB sanitation

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A different threat

Networked systems have a persistent threat as they are ”always online”. Air-gaps are often used as mitigation, with USB media used for data transfer.

However, using USB introduces new threats:

* Information exfiltration

* Software threats:

Malware (viruses, ransomware, trojans etc)

* Hardware threats:

BadUSB (deceptive devices covertly acting as something else: keyboard, network device, microphone, hiding data etc)

USB Kill (destructive devices causing physical damage to your hardware)


The Hunna USB Sanitation System protects your air-gap

* Antivirus engines

* Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR)

* File whitelist

* BadUSB protection

* USB device whitelist

* Signing of filtered data (this can be verified on the target system)


Security-oriented development

Development of the terminal started with designing an architecturally secure foundation, and the problem of filtering malware was then solved using that architecture. Security has always been the prime factor in development, not something that has been added afterwards.



Data that has been filtered by the terminal and written to the target media is signed using a cryptographic key that is unique to each terminal. A protected system can verify the signature and integrity of data of any USB media, and deny anything that doesn’t come via specific terminals.


You’re in control

Changes to the terminal are also verified using cryptographic signatures. Cryptographic keys used in the terminal are usually supplied by Hunna. However, some or all keys can if needed be managed by your organization. A common setup is that customers use their own certificates for signing the target data.

Get in touch

Contact us for more information. +46 (0)8 98 68 60

Get in touch

Contact us for more information. +46 (0)8 98 68 60

The system

Our USB sanitisation system protects critical IT-systems whenever portable media is used.

The heart of the system is our terminal, designed to securely scan and copy files from uncertain portable media. Our system will minimize the risks associated with malicious code damaging or spreading through the IT-system via portable media, regardless of the infection being antagonistic or by accident.

Each terminal can be configured with a range of filters of different types:

Content Disarm and Reconstruct
Signed manifest
File whitelisting

How it works


Unknown source media and content


Multiple antivirus engines


Filter through whitelist


Content disarm and reconstruction


Cleaned files


Sign content


Known target media with clean and signed content